Bryn Griffiths


Whether in the studio or on location, I have been creating imaginatively conceived and wonderfully lit commercial and advertising photography for more than 25 years.

With an array of awards to my name, my approach ensures that my images stand out above the competitive crowd. Commissioned by many major brands and global corporations, my work can be seen in magazines, brochures, and on bill boards, across the world.

I have recently added to my list of achievements by becoming a distinguished Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography (FBIPP), as well as being awarded a member of the prestigious Federation of European Photographers (QEP). Numerous Gold awards have followed, both nationally and internationally, including a clutch of International Apertures, FEP Advertising Awards, Hasselblad World Master finalist and People Choice Winner PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris.

Stringent production values are a given – and my broad range of major clients, expect nothing less. But it is my eye for form and colour, mastery of lighting and an instinct for the perfect styling, that truly sets my work apart.

These skills have enabled me to amass a portfolio of powerful photographs each of which has strengthened an existing brand identity by creating a fresh and iconic new image.

My work reinforces inherent brand values by approaching them differently – adding the magic that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, and creating stunning images that you don’t have to be an Art Director to want to hang on your wall.


  • Photographic Creative/Art Director
  • Client Development and Direction
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Brand Positioning
  • Operational and Studio Management
  • Location and Studio Photography
  • Creative Standards Managment
  • Public Relations
  • Keynote Speaker.